Beach In The Winter

We traveled to Ocean City, NJ this morning.  Mostly to allay my Mom’s fears that the family house is collapsing under the weight of all the snow NJ supposedly got.  We arrived easily and noted that our area had a lot more snow still on the ground than OC NJ.  The house was fine of course.

What was interesting is that they are adding sand back onto the beaches on the North end of the island again.  Pics are below.  I’m just hoping for quiet weather the rest of the winter.

A couple notes:

  1. The first pic is very similar to this one at Dredging
  2. It appears that the dredging project isn’t going as smoothly as hoped. The winter storms have been pretty damaging.

My 41" tall daughter by a sand cliff

Dredging pipe as it enters the sand from the ocean

Rare sighting of a car on St. James Place beach

Rebuilding the dunes. Short of looks like a layer cake.

Standing in front of Shrivers looking North

Standing in front of Shrivers looking south.

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One Comment on “Beach In The Winter”

  1. Posey Says:

    Nice pics!!

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