Public Service Announcement

When you purchase a new product and it makes a horrible racket like metal grinding on metal, don’t assume it is supposed to sound like that.

The company that installed our geothermal system came out today to give it a once over…it’s been about three months since it was installed.  The inspector was really knowledgeable and personable.  It wasn’t anything like the almost slug-like HVAC guys we’ve had in before.  He took time to answer our questions, even about our boiler which isn’t covered in the service contract…yet.  And he pointed out that the geothermal heat pump shouldn’t be making a sound like grinding metal.  In fact it should be mostly silent.

So a part is on the way and it appears that we’ll have more contractors in the house in the coming days.  But maybe the system will work more efficiently and I certainly won’t be able to hear it through the garage wall anymore.

All in all the lesson here is don’t just ignore it cause it isn’t that big of an annoyance.

And, yes, the Wife gets to say “I told you so” on this one.

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One Comment on “Public Service Announcement”

  1. mseds Says:

    Wish blogs had a “like” button!

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