Annoyed II

Avatar has passed Star Wars on the all-time domestic box office charts.  This is a load of crap.

Even the article states as much…near the end…where short attention span readers won’t even get to…

Even if “Avatar” sets a new revenue record, it’s doubtful it would sell as many tickets as “Titanic” did because of today’s higher admission prices.

“Titanic” sold about 130 million tickets domestically based on average ticket prices of about $4.60 back in 1997 and 1998. Based on today’s average domestic price of about $7.50, “Avatar” would be at around half that mark.

Average admission prices for “Avatar” likely run even higher, given that much of its business comes from a 3-D version, which costs a few dollars extra to see.

Avatar is playing 3-D almost everywhere.  And people are saying the only reason to see it is due to the 3-D. At $14.00 per ticket (in my area of SE PA) that’s well above the $7.50 (“a few dollars extra” my ass) mentioned in the article.  What I never see is the total number of tickets sold.  To me that seemed like a more likely equivalency of popularity than total $$ brought in.

I mentioned this to the Wife and she reminded me that there was a time in the past where movie theaters weren’t 22 screens…and there were only three stations on TV.  Perhaps more people showed up then because there were less entertainment options.

So I searched the web for a site that has adjusted the gross sales of tickets for inflation.  Of course, EVERYTHING is already online.

Gross Domestic Ticket Sales Adjusted for Inflation

Based on that list Titanic isn’t even in the top 5.

1 Gone with the Wind MGM $1,485,028,000 $198,676,459 1939^
2 Star Wars Fox $1,309,179,000 $460,998,007 1977^
3 The Sound of Music Fox $1,046,753,000 $158,671,368 1965
4 E.T.: The Extra-Terrestrial Uni. $1,042,629,400 $435,110,554 1982^
5 The Ten Commandments Par. $962,850,000 $65,500,000 1956
6 Titanic Par. $943,342,300 $600,788,188 1997

BTW, that’s Star Wars at #2….with over 1 BILLION dollars!

Oh, where is Avatar….

35 Independence Day Fox $509,126,200 $306,169,268 1996
36 Avatar Fox $498,482,300 $491,767,000 2009
37 Home Alone Fox $497,846,400 $285,761,243 1990

So really, it is only a little more popular than a stupid Stooges knockoff and a little less popular than a special effects, post Cold War, Red Dawn.

All that being said, I want to see this movie but we can’t seem to find a time to go.  This two hour and 40 minute long movie is playing at the most inopportune times for us.  My wife and I tried to figure sometime over the MLK weekend to see it and none of them worked.  We’re hopeful to see it before it leaves the theaters.

I just wish we’d stop comparing movies when ticket prices were $2.00 to the current $7.50 average ticket prices.  It’s intellectually and ethically dishonest.  Of course, what should I expect?

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One Comment on “Annoyed II”

  1. posey Says:

    it’s about time you got back to ranting. missed you!!

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