Yes, I know I haven’t blogged here in two months.  Yes, I know I promised more geothermal digging goodness.

Right now I am going back to my roots.  Politics.  Just venting.

I CANNOT BELIEVE that President Obama is just letting the public option die!  What the hell did I elect this man to do?  It sure wasn’t to give into every business and Republican demand that came down the pike.  How about showing some backbone and fighting for the people who put you where you are?

I think this paragraph from Drew Westen at Huffington Post sums up my opinion of the last 11 months

What’s costing the president are three things: a laissez faire style of leadership that appears weak and removed to everyday Americans, a failure to articulate and defend any coherent ideological position on virtually anything, and a widespread perception that he cares more about special interests like bank, credit card, oil and coal, and health and pharmaceutical companies than he does about the people they are shafting….

The speeches are great.  But I can hear great speeches on The West Wing DVDs from my bookcase.  I want (need) someone who is going to do the correct thing for our country no matter the cost to his/her career.  Laid back is fine as long as you know when to attack.  I’d like to see what attacking looks like from the Obama Administration.

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2 Comments on “Annoyed”

  1. Slappy Says:

    We already know the first faux pas with the public option: the name. “Medicare for everyone” would have made it much easier for the general public to conceptualize and understand.

    The second: Not responding to the throng of people who think Obama is trying to undermine capitalism by ensuring that all citizens have access to healthcare. He could have simply pointed out that since day 1, we’ve had a “public option” for mail delivery – THE US FUC^&ING POSTAL SERVICE. I think the shareholders of FedEx and UPS would agree that the USPS hasn’t hurt the competitive marketplace. Everyone has access to basic mail service for a reasonable cost, yet still has the option of using services from another company on demand. . . .

  2. nothingknew Says:

    Naming has never been a thing that the Democratic party does well.

    I was corrected early on about comparing to the USPS. The image of long lines, ‘going postal’, and damaged packages is what would have surfaced.

    The President has weight to throw around. He had an actual mandate from a majority of the electorate (unlike our last President). He squandered both. What is going to happen in 2010 is that significant;y less people are going to come out to vote, because “they did nothing the last time, why would I care?”.

    The opportunity was there to make significant improvements in the lives of all Americans. Even the idiots who are crying “socialized medicine” while clinging to their Medicare or VA benefits.

    The opportunity was there to actually help millions of Americans (both now and in the future) gain affordable housing and not be suckered by predatory lenders. We might even have reigned in the short-term mindset of wall street.

    The opportunity was there to close the most excessive pieces of Bush era over-reach…Iraq, Gitmo, Color-coded safety system (that never used 3 of 5 colors). We even could have extended our safety and security by dropping the idiotic don’t ask don’t tell policy.

    Instead we have a less than good healthcare override that doesn’t protect all Americans. We have ‘economic recovery’ while vast numbers of people still find themselves unemployed. And we have an increasing war in two countries while our President gets the Noble Peace prize.

    This is not the way to insure the future for our children. We did this in the early 1900s…it didn’t work. FDR had to come along and institute the policies that we now rely on to keep our parents and grandparents alive (and out of our homes).

    We had the opportunity to be great. We could have been a nation that cared for the least of these…instead we continued down the path of stepping on the back and balls of the downtrodden. I knew Clinton wouldn’t work for the poor, but I thought maybe Obama would just do things…damn the consequences personally.

    I hope I am very wrong, but nothing so far has suggested I am missing the message.

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