PETA Goes Overboard…Again

When the average American thinks of PETA they think of extremist animal-lovers.  While sometimes that extremism can highlight animal cruelty and basic injustice, all too often it just makes the cause and the supporters of said cause look silly.

Case in point is a recent call to ban the throwing of fish at Pike Place Market in Seattle, WA.  In case you haven’t heard of this place, here’s a synopsis; at one of the stores in the market, after a customer buys a fish, the staff throws the bought fish to another staff member to be wrapped and paid for.  Sometimes the distance of the throw is extreme.  Very rarely does a fish drop and then that fish is no longer saleable.

PETA would like this to stop because,

“Killing animals so you can toss their bodies around for amusement is just twisted,” said Ashley Byrne, senior campaigner for People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals in Washington, D.C.

Of course, the throwing part is only for the tourists, the actual reason the fish are killed is to eat them.  Not that PETA likes that idea either.

But, the real reason I made this entire post was to be able to link to this little ditty in the comments section at Boing Boing, where I first found this fishy tale.  I give you Carrot Juice Is Murder (mp3) by The Arrogant Worms:

Listen up brothers and sisters,
come hear my desperate tale.
I speak of our friends of nature,
trapped in the dirt like a jail.

Vegetables live in oppression,
served on our tables each night.
This killing of veggies is madness,
I say we take up the fight.

Salads are only for murderers,
coleslaw’s a fascist regime.
Don’t think that they don’t have feelings,
just cause a radish can’t scream.

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