Swine Flu Fun Facts

Title is total rip off of the BoingBoing Post to which I am linking.  Also this Q-A at Boing Boing is full of information.

So far this is the first post that I’ve seen that deals both with the conspiracy theories and the common questions about Swine Flu.  It also references scientific documents to support the stated facts…and makes it clear when things stated by the author are unsupported by fact but follow a specific logic.

I like this guest blogger Maggie Koerth-Baker who is currently working with Boing Boing.  She has had some good posts in the past couple weeks on a range of topics.  It’s great that Boing Boing is throwing in fresh blood every so often…and smart of them because sometimes each one of them can get a bit preachy.

Oh, and if you are looking for more ‘reasonable’ Swine Flu information check out this Slate article and the links inside it.  They are doing some solid reporting over there.

Finally, Bruce Sterling, over at Wired, has a good essay on the relative severity of Swine Flu.

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