Two Thousand People Can Be Wrong

I run another website that gets about 300 hits per day to the site and 2,000 from the feeds.  That’s really nothing exciting but it puts the 75 hits per week here into stark prespective for me.  This other site is user driven and has only minimal input from me.  I have to put in about 1 hour a week on updates and maybe 15 minutes a day otherwise to keep up with social media associated with the site.

At NothingKnew I tried to update at least everyday for a while and then I fell behind.  What I’ve noticed is I get the same number of hits whether I post or not in a week.  So the 5-7 hours of work to post 3-9 times per week just doesn’t compare.  Of course, NothingKnew isn’t about making money but the other site is (sort of).

After that introduction I have two points.

1.  I finally made back my initial investment into that site.  Only took two years and three months.  I must say it was a good way to spend $250 but it isn’t making me rich.

2.  The second point builds on the first.  Of those ~2,300 daily ad views perhaps one person every few days will click on an ad.  That’s such a low percentage of clicks per view that I can’t bring myself to calculate it.

What does this mean for you?  Perhaps nothing but mostly it is meant to remind you that people are producing content online.  They do it for fun, for a passion, for a goal, for money.  If you come upon a website or page that you use often or that has interesting/useful/funny content I strongly suggest you click on an ad.  If you are in Firefox it is simple enough to just open that ad silently in another tab and check it out later.

The creators of the content you enjoy will get a smile out of seeing every click on their ads.  And, just maybe, you’ll find an ad that intriduces you to a useful product or service.  Probably unlikely with the crap I see in online ads these days but supporting quality (or at least chuckle worthy) content is almost as good a reward.

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