Free Christmas Music

I’m not a big Oprah fan, but I’m also not one to ignore free stuff.

Oprah’s Free Christmas Music

Only for 48 Hours…which I imagine started on 11/25/2008 so if you are reading this on Thanksgiving you might be out of luck.

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5 Comments on “Free Christmas Music”

  1. LRNs Says:

    Good catch. We listen to Christmas music on the 12 hour drive to Grandmother’s house. And that’s usually enough for me for the whole year. So, more music is always welcome.

  2. Posey Says:

    If I didn’t think my dad would freak, I would download it here. He hates when I save things to his computer. And I could call hubby to save this for me, but he would make some random comment about Jew haters and not understand how to download. Sigh. I guess I will have to continue to pay for my music.

  3. nothingknew Says:

    If you had a USB drive you could download it and then move it to your drive without your Dad being any wiser. They are cheap…like $9.99 at CC.

    But in this case I will be happy to provide the songs I downloaded to you. Since they are free I can’t imagine that they’d care who got them

    And, again, I ask…why should Hubby know how to download music if he has all the music he needs on his CDs from 1987? You appear to expect him to be both interested in and as adept at technology as you…I find this strange.

  4. Posey Says:

    If hubby would stop bitching about the playlists on the iPod, I wouldn’t care if he never learned how to download music. And now I am feeding into his pre 1987 music lust – Genesis just released a boxed set from the 70s. Merry Christmas Hortense, can I rip it for you?

  5. nothingknew Says:

    Yes, can’t complain about the playlist if you don’t create one yourself. Not like it is really that difficult.

    Wow, a boxed set of music that he already has in other albums. What a wonderful use of that $$ you are trying to save. ;-P

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