Today’s Main Event

The family decided to go vote together this year.  Well that is to say that the Wife and I decided that we were going to the polling place together this year.  The kids had to come along.  But, of course, LIttle Sister found a loop hole in that logic and threw herself on the floor until we agreed not to take her voting and instead get her to school early.  Man, that was some 2-year-old temper-tantrum from a 4-year-old.

Anyway, Big Sister, The Wife and I got to the polling place around 8:45am.  We walked in past the “paper pushers” as Posey likes to say and went directly to the registration desk.  The Wife took Big Sister into the booth first and I got stuck behind a few people so had to wiat for my turn at one of the two booths in our preceint.

This thrilled Big Sister to no end since she left one voting booth and got to go back into another.  “I get to push more BUTTONS!” was the phrase that pays.  So in we went and she started without me…”I know how to do this Dad.  Mommy showed me.”.  I had to change one of her picks…I just can’t vote for Alyson Schwartz this time around.  I completely disagree with her vote on the bail out and I won’t support her.  But I don’t hold a grudge.  I’ve made my point (to myself mostly) and I’ll probably vote for her next time around…especially if she runs against Chris Matthews for Spector’s Senate seat.

So the thrilling voting was over…and we walked back to the car.  It is kind of anti-climatic to only have to wait a few minutes to vote when I keep hearing about these hour long lines.  But, as The Wife said, “we don’t vote at our school.  We vote in smaller groups at local churches and synagoges.  So there are less people trying to use the booths at the same time.”  Perhaps there is something to that logic.

More updates as I find things online and in the media to comment on.

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One Comment on “Today’s Main Event”

  1. patrick Says:

    i can’t help thinking it’s awesome that there has been such long lines all over… people taking a greater interest in public issues is always a good thing

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