Train Metaphor

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4 Comments on “Train Metaphor”

  1. Andrew Says:

    Wow! I just happend upon your site, while verifying the quote “There is nothing new Under The Sun”. You should be ashamed of your ignoring of the truth!

    Ignorance of history and failure to study and know its lessens result in support of a dangerous man like B. O’Bama. He represents nothing for the people, he does not care about the African Americans or any other minority. He seaks only power, from which he and the others behind him will take everything you hold dear.

    I pray you and the others captivated by his charisma will realize you are pawns in the media based agenda to distroy this country, which is the only beacon of freedom left in this world!

    God bless you and yours in the devisive years to come!


  2. nothingknew Says:


    This is a wonderful comment. It is so many things for me.

    1. My first anti-Obama screed.
    2. My first indication that O’Bama is Irish (on his father’s side I guess?)
    3. My first opportunity to respond to the remaining 22% of the country that thinks things are hunky-dory.
    4. My love of online posts with obvious spelling errors.
    (distroy == destroy), (devisive == divisive), (lessens == lessons), (happend == happened), (seaks == seeks)

    I swear, the Republicans have a severe case of displacement on their hands. Displacement, for our Christian college educated commenter, is the psychological defense mechanism of attributing things you don’t like about yourself to others. And this comment is a prime example.

    The Republican party has been running from the truth my entire life. Ignorance, about everything but particularly history, isn’t a bug it is a feature. And the seeking of power above all else defines the Republican politician.

    I also find it fascinating that anyone could believe the media to be pro-Obama. It is very difficult to uncover radio, TV, or print media that is consistently pro-Obama. I just have to turn to Rush Limbaugh, Faux News, or any Rupert Murdoch rag to get the Republican talking points of the day.

    So Andrew, nice of you to visit. And, while I normally consider people who pray for me to start thinking like them a bit condescending I will respond in kind. I will pray for you as well, because, guess what, I believe in God too. Perhaps someday you’ll see the truth that Democrats want to raise EVERYONE from despair. Democrats are the ones looking out for those who thirst, hunger, and are sick.

    Republicans, at least the current Republican party, is only looking out for the rich, well-fed, and powerful. You are being duped.

  3. […] Since I doubt most of you return to posts to check out the comments I wanted to bring it to your attention.  You can check out the post with the comment and my reply here. […]

  4. LRNs Says:

    I’m shocked that your troll actually had some semi-coherent sentences. (Did you know that your comments section has an actual spell-checker? The troll didn’t.) I’m not surprised that it has come to this, but I’m disappointed that the “angry mob” and their scare tactics are making the rounds. I suppose I should be ashamed of myself for reading actual books written by both candidates, listening to NPR, getting my news from places other than Fox News and making my choice about the issues I care about.

    Next time (after this global recession is over) maybe I’ll try grabbing my pitchfork and joining the mob for a few blocks. Or maybe not.

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