Graphic Novels Aren’t Picture Books

I had a lengthy love affair with comic books while in college.  LRNs and I used to take a walk to the store about 8 blocks from campus once a week to pick up the new issues.  I still have my three boxes of comic books stashed in the house…maybe my girls will show an interest…maybe I’ll trust them enough to not rip them….

Anyway, that love affair died off when I lost all the free time which is college life.  I still enjoy reading a good comic but I can’t stomach the cost of a few pages of almost newsprint.  And I just can’t get into the comic scene anymore…not enough time in the day to be geeky enough to hang out in the comic shop.

Luckily for me my local public library has a graphic novel geek on staff.  I didn’t get her exact title but she appears to know a lot about online comics and said she does most of the buying for the library.  Which she must do under the radar cause I can’t believe they’d agree to the Perry Bible Fellowship

Book Cover

That’s the Amazon link, but you can read most (all?) of them here. Suffice to say the creator of this comic has a very different world view.

But the reason I was at the library was to pick up volumes 3, 4, and 5 of Y: The Last Man

Book Cover

It is about the last man (duh) left on the planet after a plague wipes out all other XY carriers in a matter of minutes.  I’ve been jonesing for this story, off and on, ever since I read about it at Boing Boing or maybe Salon back in 2003.  Recently I discovered that our township library had the full set.  Huazahh!!

If you are interested in catching the flavor of this series, check out the first issue provided, free and legally, by DC Comics.  Then check your local library…maybe you have a cool librarian too.

BTW, our library also has hard copies of PvP and Penny Arcade (vols 1 & 2).  Now that is geek.  Oh, and TONS of Manga but I just can’t get into the Japanese comics.  I get this feeling that your genre of comic book is like your taste in music.  It is set early in life and change does not come easily.

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