Sulphur Hexafluoride

I watch Mythbusters religiously.  Hell, I have a couple dozen episodes on DVR.  But last week they did a show on Viral videos online.  One of them was showing how to float a foil boat on air.

What that entailed was a heavier than air gas called Sulphur Hexafluoride.  That was interesting and all but what made me rewind the video three times was this clip below.  If you are at work and can’t see YouTube then check this out at home, it’s only 40 seconds long.

It is, as BoingBoing said today, like Adam Savage channelling Pen Gillette.

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5 Comments on “Sulphur Hexafluoride”

  1. Posey Says:

    So where can we get some of that? This was so funny I dragged Hortense’s sorry ass off the couch to watch it.

  2. Nothing Knew Says:

    Comments on other boards are suggesting that this is more dangerous than helium…like you could drown in air with it…so nope, not interested.

    And, anyway, we already know what LRNs would sound like…he is Adam Savage’s clone.

    Bring on the Jeff Foxworthy comments!

  3. MetsFan Says:

    You, goatee, sunglasses, sulphur hexaflouroide, and little children. Enough said

  4. Nothing Knew Says:

    But round sunglasses. Otherwise it isn’t as evil. And the goat is too shaggy (wow,that sounds wrong) these days so I doubt many small children would be frightened.

    But thanks for bringing up that memory. It sure is a trip down college mistakes lane this week.

  5. Nothing Knew Says:

    BTW, Billy Likes Goats.

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