I’m Not Surprised

Gov. Palin used per diem money while staying at her home.  And she fired the governer’s chef because “my kids could make sandwiches”.  Except she didn’t actually fire the chef…just reassigned her to other parts of the government.  Which means no savings in salary.

My wife teleworks from her home office.  Her base station is Washington, DC.  Based on this interpretation of per diem she should be collecting ~$202 a night for both lodging and meals/incidentals.  She would never think of doing so…because it is both unethical and illegal.

Perhaps someone should ask Gov. Palin about this.  If they can ever get her to answer questions from the press.

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One Comment on “I’m Not Surprised”

  1. Wife Says:

    Apparently those in the Alaskan government don’t need to take the same kinds of annual ethics classes that I’m required to take. Seriously, this woman needs to be knocked off of her high moral perch. The level of hypocrisy is fascinating.

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