Politics As Usual?

This post is in response to a comment here by MetsFan.  The response just got too long for the comment thread.

I think it is interesting to hear from MetsFan.  He is a smart guy but not much of a politics person.  He thinks about stuff but isn’t one to overwhelm a conversation and fight back with his opinions.  Nothing like LRNs and I.

I think that is one of the reasons he has so many good friends…people think he agrees with them even when he doesn’t.  That and he’s a pretty good guy all around.

So why am I buttering him up?  Of course, because I was going to attack him.  But I can’t.  He’s not a fair target.  He’s a good guy making a good point about how smart people who don’t have the energy/time for politics look at this crap.

See I had a long comment that ripped into him for giving the impression that all politics is like this and there is no escaping it from either side.  So, instead of seeing the importance and the differences in all these candidates we lump them together.  I know it is easier for people to do so, I do it often myself.  But it is a fallacy.

I’ve had several conversations in the past two days with people I consider pretty intelligent that have made me almost want to strangle them.  Some of them aren’t voting because Clinton didn’t win the primary.  Some of them are actually thinking of voting for McCain out of spite.  And some are saying the whole thing is broken so it doesn’t matter who I vote for.

It matters.  President McCain would select at least three, potentially four Supreme Court Justices.  Roe v Wade would only be the first casualty of that disaster.  The disasterous war in Iraq would continue without an end in sight….yes, the Iraqs want us gone, but a McCain administration would find a way for permanent bases, keeping our soldiers in harms way just in time for an inevitable full-blown civil war.  And the list goes on.  I’ve posted about most of the reasons before.

But in the end it comes down to how you want to see your country.  Is it a country of surveillance where people are afraid to state opinions or even walk the streets in protest?  Is it a country where the government tells you what you can do with your own body?  Is it a country where rich people get richer while our children don’t end up better than us?  Is it a country where people are afraid to risk a little for their neighbors because they feel there is no safety net to catch them if they fall?

That’s not where I want to live.  That’s why I’ve never seen the Democrats as ‘politics as usual’.  Even when they’ve failed (morally or politically) I still feel they understand it has an impact on individual people and families.  I never get that impression from Republicans.

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2 Comments on “Politics As Usual?”

  1. MetsFan Says:

    Actually, I should have completed my thought, but did not have time. Hearing from some Washington “conservatives” on the radio yesterday about their thoughts on Palin, they talked of her as if she was the best choice McCain could have made. And my first thought was whether they actually believe this or they were touting her to boost their candidate. Especially since, from my somewhat limited political intelligence, the past few elections I have seen Republicans at least use any means necessary to smear the character of opposing candidates. Many of the issues they were dismissing about her, struck me as items for which they would most likely would have attacked a Democratic candidate in the past. “Politics as usual”. I may not be as smart as you politically, or just plain smart as you, but I see this as Republicans doing what it takes to win this race even if it means supporting an apparently rash decision in VP choice. Not that a VP choice would normally kill a candidacy, but given his age and health in this case it could be the VP will be the next president.

    Unfortunately, I will have to leave it at that because I have too much to do today. Rip away.

  2. Nothing Knew Says:

    I couldn’t have said it better myself…except for the smart part.

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