Today Was A Good Day

I had an almost child-like day at the Shore today.

We spent almost 5 hours at the beach from morning ’til early afternoon.  I dug a small hole for the girls and surrounded it with as high a wall as I could manage without real tools.  It was getting to be high tide so I finished the wall, sat, and waited.  Finally a large wave crashed over the top and decimated the wall.  It was AWESOME!!!

Add to this that the waves were RIPPING onto the beach today!  There were at least 10 rescues in Ocean City by noon (according to the life guards) so you know the surf was rough.  But I went out and body surfed a few HUGE waves!  I swallowed a gallon of sea water but it was worth it.

After arriving on the shore I found Big Sister playing with a girl she met on the beach.  That is a huge step for her since she hasn’t been much of a friend maker until just this summer.  So I got to read a couple chapters of a book while she played in the sand and surf.

And it only got better when we went up to the Boardwalk this evening.  Big Sister decided she wanted to try new (for her) rides.  That’s also a huge step outside her comfort area.  Then we did our traditional carousel ride.  But tonight was special.  Tonight they had the rings out!

The outside ring of horses on the Wonderland Carousel has stationary horses (they don’t go up-and-down).  Most of the time that sucks but sometimes there is an arm that swings out from off the sides of the Carousel and gives you a chance to grab metal rings.

I’ve been telling Big Sister about this since she was old enough to ride the Carousel.  But they never had the rings out.  So tonight both she and I got outside horses.  The Wife and Little Sister got inside horses.  Big Sister reached for the rings, and missed, at least five times.  Finally she leaned out far enough and GRABBED A RING!  The look on her face was an incredible combination of surprise, excitement, and shear joy.  She switched it to her other hand and readied for a second attempt.

AND THIS TIME SHE GOT THE BRASS RING!  This is where the saying comes from – “to grab the brass ring” – is to reach out and grab it from the mechanical arm on a carousel.  At Wonderland this means your ride is free.  So a park worker came up, took her ring from her and gave her a ride ticket.  She was excited…but I was over the moon!

It was a wonderful day.

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One Comment on “Today Was A Good Day”

  1. Posey Says:

    Congrats on the brass ring!!! I never could reach the darn things!!! Most likely because I wouldn’t let go of my death grip to reach out. Yup – I was certainly no big risk taker back then.

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