That’s A Tidy Sum Of Cash

People can donate to whomever they choose for political office.  That’s considered free speech in our society…sad but true.  What makes this one interesting is that an office manager and her Amtrak foreman husband donated $61,600 to the GOP and John McCain in the past 7 months.

Did a Queens Couple Really Give $61,600 to McCain, GOP?

I don’t know about most people reading this but that is a sizable chunk of money in my world.  Particuarly when there is no ‘real’ benefit besides supporting a candidate that you wish to see in office.  The Wife and I have given money to the Obama campaign, and plan to give more, but nothing close in either amount or percentage of income to this gift.

I’d think this would be something a Federal Elections official might want to check up on.  Maybe they really did give, what must certainly be, a large chunk of their take home salary for the last year to the McCain campaign and the GOP…but something sure looks fishey at this point.

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