Yeah Obama-mania is waning…

…only in the fever dreams of Fox News.

June is 2nd best fundraising month for Obama campaign

$52 million in June!  That is freaking amazing!

A few points to make that look even better:

1.  The Obama campaign has $72 million in the bank

2.  The DNC has $22 million in the bank

3.  $75 million of that was raised last month.

And this little tidbit:

The stunning tidbit from June’s totals is that the average donation has decreased, from around $100 in February to $68 in June.  In other words, while the average amount donated has increased, the number of donations has increased.  A lot.

Unfortunately the McCain campaign + the RNC has almost $100 million in the bank…although McCain only pulled in $22 last month.  So, if you are able and interested, donate to the Obama campaign.  They take donations as low as $5.  And for donations like that, you are entered in a contest to be backstage at the convention in Denver when Barack makes his big announcement at Mile High Stadium.  Hell, you don’t even have to donate to get in on the contest.

The announcement I am really waiting for is the VP.  Then I’ll get some more bumper stickers and yard signs.

It’s been a quiet couple weeks (except for constant McCain gaffs and media ‘satire‘) so it’s great to see Obama coming through with some serious cash and putting his money where his mouth is.

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