Past Weekend

Just a quick run down of my previous weekend.

Saturday: Ended up in northern DE at an Old Country Buffet at 9am in the morning.  We would have made it there earlier but it appears that “NEW” <insert roadname> is unknown to all mapping applications and GPS devices even though it connects to “Old” <insert roadname>.  So we drove around scenic DE for 30 minutes until I finally figured out how to make the GPS find the actual resturant, by the old name.  Damn Garmin.

It was a nice little gathering to raise money for the Breast Cancer 3-Day Walk in Philadelphia.  My wife is crewing (providing the support services) and our friend (she was my friend first) Posey is walking just like she did last year.  So they setup a little table in the place and sold stickers, plastic ducks, and beaded necklaces.  And, just for your knowledge…beaded necklaces are freaking impossible to make…I must have dropped dozens of beads all over that floor trying to make one for Little Sister.

After the Old Country Buffet we all piled into Posey and Hortense’s new (and not at all emasculating) minivan and headed over to Longwood Gardens.  I took a couple score pictures and sooner or later I am going to get them up on a flickr account and link to them…I promise.  It was a good time but our children were exhausted and Little Sister wasn’t walking too well after a 1/2 mile at the gardens.  I hope I will be walking ok later in the week after all the carrying of her 32 lbs of squirming body.  Next time we bring a stroller.

Afterwards we went back to their place in DE and enjoyed a wonderful meal of hot dogs and turkey burgers….and I am not kidding.  Hortense makes some wicked turkey burgers.  Got the children off to bed and sat down to a bottle of Riesling and some chocolate peanut butter pie.  But everyone conked out by 11:30, with Hortense snoring like a freight train, so it wasn’t a rocking party like the one Lrns attended that same evening.

Sunday: We hung out in the morning while the children alternated between being bored with each other and never wanting to leave each others’ sides.  I spent most of the morning (and some of the previous evening) trying to fix Posey and Hortense’s computer.  Posey has developed quite an iPod addiction and decided it was time to branch out into video.  I set her up with Handbrake, DVDdecrypter, and a LogMeIn account so I can help her remotely when it all goes to hell.

But mostly I spent the time updating her anti-virus and Windows software.  They were running XP Home SERVICE PACK 1!!!!!  Seriously, I actually had to load service pack 2 on a machine that is in normal use.  It was crazy.  But now they are setup with automatic updates and a promise to allow it to update everyonce in a while.  So when she complains that I am running crap on her machine so she can’t upload her pictures, you can see that I am just saving her from herself.

BTW, would my other friends please help me badger Hortense into blogging?  He was coming up with his normal snide and insightful comments this weekend and I keep saying to him; “that’s a blog post”.  Of course, he doesn’t read anyone’s blog (hell he doesn’t read his wife’s blog) so getting him to actually type might be a bit of a stretch.

After getting home and resting for the afternoon (well the kids and wife rested, I put in a couple of hours of work for a client….time to make the donuts…) we went to my aunt-in-law’s apartment to celebrate her graduation from college.  Night school in Jewish studies, she did well and is better prepared for her teaching gig at a synagogue.  It was kind of a graduation party for The Wifey too, since she graduated from UMUC with an MS just last week as well.  We decided driving to Maryland to have her walk didn’t make much sense.  But the diploma is framed in a HUGE wooden frame and hopefully will soon be hanging on her wall.  Now all she needs is another bachelor’s degree and we’ll be tied up again in diplomas (and no honey, the PMI certification doesn’t count, it’s not a diploma)

Afterwards we got the kids home and into bed, the Wife went to an early bedtime and I made some phone calls and caught up on my feeds.  Overall an exhausting weekend…but I am surprisingly chipper this morning.  I think it might be the 3 massages I’ve had in the past 7 days for my stiff neck.  But that’s a topic for another post…maybe I’ll waste time on that tomorrow night.

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2 Comments on “Past Weekend”

  1. Posey Says:

    Hortense read my blog last night – just had to tie him down to do it. And I wasn’t complaining about all the stuff you were running. Shutterfly can’t function when I rip cds to the iPod, so I didn’t even want to try while the computer was updating.

  2. slappy Says:

    How do I badger Hostense into blogging? I agree, his comments are usually quite entertaining.

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