Tonya Harding Option

Many people have spoken about what it would take for Clinton to win the Democratic Nomination for President.  Basically a complete collapse of Obama…imagine the constant illicit affairs we hear about the new NY governor.   Otherwise the super-delegates are going to likely go with the decisions of the popular vote.

So today ABC’s political blog names the required plan for Clinton’s win…the Tonya Harding Option.  She has to break Obama’s kneecap.  Wow, this is a horrible image…everything about the ugliness that was/is Tonya Harding comes up when I think about it.  This is really bad.

What it comes down to is, do the Clintons (and I include Bill in this equation) want their legacy to be the destruction of the Democratic Party?  My impression is that they don’t care about the Party only their own power.  I didn’t have that impression before this election cycle (although it appears this is common wisdom) but I sure do now.

I can’t believe this is a good thing for anybody except maybe John McCain.

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4 Comments on “Tonya Harding Option”

  1. SM Kovalinsky Says:

    This is a chilling thought, but all too believable. That is why if people like Pelosi, Gore, and Edwards would follow Richardson’s lead and endorse Obama, and get this thing tied up, it would be all to the good: for Obama, the Party, and its futurte. What are they waiting for, one wonders?

  2. Kevin Says:

    I am not surprised at SM’s response.

    See what he says on this blog:

    This is NK: I’m not going to give this person (SM, Kevin, whomever) a link back and another url for google to consider by posting the link to the blog. If you are interested in what this person has to say then google: “barack obama calling on all persons sexually involved with obama to step forward”. The page in question is the first hit.

  3. nothingknew Says:

    Interesting…it appears that I’ve hit upon an internet meme that I was unaware of. There seems to be a person online who states that Obama did some illegal things at a vaguely specific time in 1999. He states that he has the receipts to prove it but doesn’t seem to be able to produce them or provide them to any major media outlets…excluding the National Enquirer. I wonder if there are similar memes for McCain and Clinton?

    My impression of the author is that he is the 21st century equivalent of the daily/weekly writers to the Editor of their hometown newspaper. Lots of mostly clear paragraphs with some wild outlier theories. But just because it is in print (or online) doesn’t mean it is true. So, until I see corroborative evidence, I think this whole idea is bogus.

    But I don’t want this blog to become some stomping ground for all the crazy conspiracy theories of the moment. If you’d like to know more about this conversation check the comment I edited from ‘Kevin’ prior to this one. Who, BTW, I think mis-identifies SM as the writer of the blog in question. SM appears to have commented several times on that blog but I don’t see anywhere that she is the blogger.

    Remember, I maintain complete editorial control over the comments on this blog. If you don’t like it then start a blog saying “NothingKnew is a fascist.” Otherwise be prepared to have your content edited or deleted as spam.

  4. Joe Says:

    Depending on the facial expressions, Tonya Harding might make a good double for Hillary Clinton

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