This Is What Gives Government Workers A Bad Name

A Disabled Veteran’s Experience at a VA Hospital

This essay (and you really must read it) is depressing on so many levels.  The top most for me is the lack of respect for Veterans who have been injured in the service of our country.  I personally don’t understand the mind set that brings someone to want to take up weapons against another country without provocation (but that’s another show) but I do believe that these people deserve special respect for putting their lives on hold and on the line so that I may continue to live free in this country.  Supporting our troops doesn’t just mean sending more money to Iraq.  We must spend money on the people coming home.

The other major level is the incredibly bad light that this places government employees in.  My wife works for the federal government and she works very hard.  It isn’t a physical job but she doesn’t have time during the day for personal phone calls, much less computer games.  And she would NEVER treat a veteran with less than full respect (until they act like a moron, then all bets are off.  These people are human, not superheroes.)  In fact, one of her supervisors is a fully, disabled Veteran, so she has some direct experience with a person in this situation.

I just can’t express how horrible I feel for the gentleman who wrote the essay linked to above.  I hope that getting his story out can help.  Link to it if you can.

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