Ron Paul – Not Just a Wacko…a real Loon

So, in case you have a moderate/libertarian co-worker/friend/family member out there who is becoming a Paultard, here is a run down (with references and links to other references) of his decidedly nutty (if not downright dangerous) ideas.

Full list with links is here: Daily Kos

  1. Wants to withdraw US from UN or at least UNESCO
  2. Life begins at conception…amend Constitution to affirm such
  3. Repeal OSHA, abolish minimum wage, gut Social Security
  4. Guns in Schools
  5. Amend the Constitution to deny birthright citizenship
  6. Return to the Gold standard which would be a pretty bad thing.

And that is just the tip of the iceberg.  The Thomas Archives are a wealth of information about Paul’s sponsorships and voting record.  Go there and search for ‘Paul, Ron’ as a sponsor.  The first few are what his supporters point out…Against the Iraq war…then it starts to get strange.  Increase drilling for oil along coastline, abolish the Federal Reserve, and Eliminate paycheck withholding.  And that is just during this Congressional year, while he is running for President.

This guy makes Ross Perot look sane.

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One Comment on “Ron Paul – Not Just a Wacko…a real Loon”

  1. Bobalot Says:

    Ron Paul has always been a loon. Watch out for Paultards though. One of them will discover your site and like most Paultards will get all their friends to spam it.

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