Converting into pattern-based schemas: A formal approach

Antonina Dattolo, University of Napoli Federico II, Angelo Di Iorio, Silvia Duca, Antonio Angelo Feliziani, & Fabio Vitali, University of Bologna

Talk given by Fabio Vitali, University of Bologna

What can we do with a set of documents that we know nothing about (no schema, no display, no validation, no real search available)…look for regularities…

Basically it seems that what can you tell about a document based on knowledge of the structure of an XML document?  And are there things that you can tell based on the punctuation within the context (is that a URI?, are those integers or strings?)

A reasonable rendering could be accomplished through this analysis of the regularities…it might be ‘wrong’ but at least it would be viewable to a ‘normal’ person who can read the content.

Paraphrase of Fabio: The arrogance of Schema designers is that they know more of the order of the document than the document editor.  Does this mean that schema designers cannot expressis his/her sadistic and pedantic constraints on anyone?  No…the document editors are ideal victims of the fantasies of the schema designer and can be forced to

  • identify the fragments of the documents
  • provide metadata
  • add attribute values
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