Retiring Your Metadata Shoehorn

Patrick Durusau – His paper is not in the proceedings for 2007 (it is Late Breaking)

Patrick seems to have a reputation that precedes him.  There are more laughs in this room in the first 5 minutes than any other session I’ve been in so far.

Use Cases:

Content Tagging to attach metadata at the element level.

Conversion of metadata for round tripping between two complex XML models.

Extrinsic Metadata – recording of metadata seperate from document content

IP – granular application of IP claims within a document

Templates – associate with a particular template

Ontology validation – support for validation by user of metadata

He mentions many more use cases but I just can’t type as fast as he is talking…and comprehend the discussion.  I knew I should have taken keyboarding in college.


Metdata manifest – manages linkage between source and target metadata (maps XML IDs to UDIs)

  • enumerates metadata files and the relationships to other files in the Opendocument package
  • it associates OpenDocument elements of the document to IRIs in the metadata files
  • Semantics are defined by an OWL ontology
  • classes for: content.xml, styles.cml, metadata files, ODF elements
  • manifest.rdf (stored at root of the package)

ODF elements and content (target)

  • odf:idref and URI of its rdf:about attribute
  • Accessiblity means that they attached metadata to many many elements (making it as open as possible)
  • RDF/a-like metadata is allowed as well, for greater accessibility as well

Content based on metadata

  • text:meta-field
  • contains any paragraph content, including another text:meta-field
  • content is generated by the application

Unlimited  number of metadata files (source)

Painless RDF:

  • RDF vocabulary of terms (metadata file)
  • users enter the text (content.xml file)
  • metadata manifest ‘links’ to these files
  • a ‘smart’; search engine adds information found in the RDF vocabulary
  • Explodes the impression that hand entry is necessary to us RDF (or any other semantic technology)

Future of Robust Metadata:

  • OpenDocument increases the unknowing use of XML
  • OpenDocument Format metadata has the potential to greatly increas  the use of RDF based metadata for documents.
  • Will appear in openDocument format 1.2 (

“It is possible to find a user stupid enough to break anything”

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