XML Extreme Day 1 – Welcome

So I am sitting in the Mont-Blanc room (but just cheap Bic pens on the table) and listening to C.M. Sperberg-McQueen introduce Tommie Usdin. Debbie Lapeyre just introduced the conference itself in a typical Debbie way. I must say I enjoy hearing her talk…it is both informative and relaxed and she just seems comfortable chatting with a big group.

Tommie has just reached the podium and is chatting about how she won’t be bored at Extreme. Seems a strange suggestion that boredom was even possible at a conference named ‘Extreme’

Tommie is telling a story about chatting with her brother who asked “what are you going to do now that XML is over?” She compares it to plastic (I am looking for “The Graduate” reference) and that everybody is already done with XML…it is just normal. Scary thought for me since I am really on my own…but of course she has reasons why XML is not over.

“You know, if you put a DOI into Google you get nothing?” Tommie’s brother (other brother Daryl) is a researcher who uses lots of journal articles. He asked her what DOI was. Once Tommie explained it he thought he understood…but actually took it to mean a URL…which of course it is not.

There are DOI resolvers online…but is a user going to go to another site for research? What her brother needs to do is use “zotero” in firefox.

Liam Quinn told Tommie: 95% of the people using XML in the world are using RSS. Her point is that eliminating what the other 5% are doing cuts off the future. What Extreme talks about “alpha” level stuff (maybe pre-alpha). But looking around this room I see most of the heavy hitters in the field…these are the people who wrote the spec, the parsers, the stylesheets in the first place. So there is something here to look for…to expand my mind…to maybe make me feel like this is something worth doing. At the least I am hoping to hear people speaking XML again.

Henry Thompson just got up to say that DOI should have been URI. The TAG, if you are thinking about making a new identifier scheme ‘Don’t”! Well this is fun…Steven Newcomb just jumped up to state that “the hubris of the W3C to say that URI is of biblical proportions”. Henry Thompson: “The value of the web is that everything is connected” Steven jumped up and stated “Tell Dan Connelly that”.

I really wish I understood the inside baseball. Maybe I’ll understand it better by the end of the week.

BTW, if you found this through a blog search and are having trouble finding other blogs with more in-depth and greater experience commentary I will add links here and in other posts as I find them…then I’ll get them into a blogroll on the trip home.

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2 Comments on “XML Extreme Day 1 – Welcome”

  1. Clay Redding Says:

    Hi, this is somewhat off topic, but since I’m not in attendance at EM2007 I’m curious if they mentioned the venue for next year’s conference. If so, did they mention the proposed dates? Thanks for any help you can provide.


  2. nothingknew Says:

    I haven’t heard anything specific about the location for next year but since they have been holding the conference in Montreal for the past 7-8 years I would guess that it will continue to be that way next year.

    I’ll check around in the materials and see if there is any mention….I’m sure someone will say something at least at the closing speeches.

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