From word to XML to mobile devices – David Lee

David Lee – Epocrates

Talks about the specific problems of working with Microsoft Word authoring. He mentions the the special symbols (the hyphen and double quotes problem) that is on by default in Word. Drives me nuts too. But it handleable via XSLT 2.0.

Options for getting XML out of Word: RTF (ugh, that is annoying), HTML (unfortunately HTML is a visual orientated format), Word 2003 XML (have you ever looked at the XML that is output? It is a freaking mess.), Word Macros (VBScript is incredibly tedious to write and debug…but it works).

They went with tables for entry of data (fielded). it appears that people seem to use tables better.

He then goes through the pipeline….looks similar to many pipelines that I’ve seen. I need to look at the schemas he references in the attached paper.

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