Representation of overlapping structures – C.M. Sperberg-McQueen

Sperberg-McQueen – W3C

I walked into this one a little late so I am trying to catch up. It appears that he is presenting the tree structure of XML….but differently than the normal XML. I missed why. It is hard to catch up once I fall behind…it’s like walking into a grad class where you know the basic language the class is using but not the specific dialect. I have a feeling that spending an hour or so reading tomorrow’s presentations will serve me well. So if you are looking for a summary of his article…go elsewhere.

But I did hear him ask why he is using ‘reuben’ as the value of a child element. He said he’d give a prize to whomever told him why…silly when 95% of the people in the room have laptops with wireless access. Google is your friend. It appears that Reuben is the name of the first born son of Jacob and Leah and the originator of one of the 12 tribes of Israel. I’ll post this prior to the question and answer period so I can verify I was first. 🙂

Mr. Sperberg-McQueen also can’t believe that “All About Eve” got 14 Oscar Nominations….again, a search of IMBD provides the answer: Yes it is 14.

So that is my worthless contribution to this presentation. I will now slink back into the ether and read his article.

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