Bathroom remodel Day 10

I have been very lax in posting this week. Surprising since work has been light but I just haven’t found the time. Since work will be picking up again soon (I hope, if I ever get a call back from a potential client) I am sure I will be posting more frequently. This week I haven’t been at the computer much (I know, the horror) so I haven’t had the chance to take a 10 minute break and post. Anyway, here is the first of a series of pictorials about this week’s bathroom progress.


This photo shows our new electrical panel with the spiffy yellow wires running into it. It’ll be fun to see how dingy those wires get over the years. Otherwise the extra panel does give us plenty of space to put in the hot tub and heated below ground pool that we’ll be installing once I win Powerball. My biggest problem with the setup is that I have less space for a shelving unit, and as anyone who’s seen our garage knows…we need all the space we can get.


I’m not sure how well you can see it in this phot but there is a grey PVC tubing running along the ceiling of the garage now. That is a code requirement for outside-the-wall wiring. I sure hope the wires that were already there are ok.


Here’s the tile. We went with a nice blue/green and hope it will work with the paint. We also decided to go with a diamond pattern rather than straight. My bad on this one…Wifey wanted a staggered block pattern (like we’ll have on the tub surround) and I forgot. See what happens when “someone” goes on vacation in the middle of a project.


This is the tub area. Not that exciting but I wanted to be able to show a sort of timeline.

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