Bathroom Remodel Day 7

So I have missed a couple days of pictures.  Friday was a short day because the contractor had an emergency on his previous job.  It appears some water was behind the walls.  Of course the 2 inches of rain the previous night might have had something to do with it.

Anyway, some things are shaping up in the room.  Lots of wiring and framing going on.


Here is the plumbing for the shower.  The large knob at the bottom is for setting the temperature and pressure of the shower.  The two knobs above are divertors for the handheld shower and the rainfall-style shower that will be at the end of the higher pipes.


This is the platform for the whirlpool tub.  I imagine we are going to notice pretty quickly if the windows start leaking air.  Otherwise it is a normal platform tub setup.  Above where I was standing to take this picture is a heat/fan/light combination.  For the time being that will be the heating for the auxiliary heating for the room.  Since we have radiant baseboard heating and the underside of the floor is accessible from the laundry room, we are looking into radiant floor heating in the future.  It is something we can add down the road and might even work for under our entire first floor.


This is looking back toward the doorway (covered in a tarp at night).  Where the ladders are sitting will be part of the hall bathroom when this is all done.


This final picture of the day is showing the damn chimney again but this time it is framed out.  You might notice at the middle bottom of the photo the plumbing for the existing hall bath tub.   Then again, you might not.

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