The Destruction Begins

So we are starting the rebuilding of our bathrooms. Well, we hired people to do the rebuilding of our bathrooms…because I am not a carpenter and my wife is too smart to let me pretend I am one.

Pre-demolition Bathroom and Walk-in-closet

This is what the area looked like when we moved in (sans blue and green swatches). it is a pretty big walk-in closest so there should be plenty of room for the tub and shower to come.

Just the bathroom…or the closet as we like to call it

Don’t you just LOVE the pink and white? I especially love the swirly wallpaper….so very 1970s. BTW, that shower stall is small enough that I am constantly touching the walls…kind of icky even after we clean it.

Demolition Stage 0.15

This is a clearer look at the bathroom. Yes I know the toilet seat does not match…it was cheaper and I couldn’t bring myself to spend more money on a pink seat. Note the chimney in the back right. That is the bane of my existence. Without it we could have made the hall bath larger and not lost anything to the master bath. Ahhh, but isn’t that the way home ownership works?

End of First Day

Just before cleanup at the end of the first day. Tomorrow will bring a new wall, pickup of all the junk from Lowes, and some significant redirecting of the plumbing. At least I’ll have something to blog about tomorrow.

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