Birthday Parties and the Terrible Twos

Actually it all worked out pretty nicely.  Wifey and I thought that today was going to be a disaster.  A good friend’s son was having his 2nd birthday party at Gymboree right in the middle of little Sister’s naptime.  We tried to get her to sleep early but when the kid isn’t tired, she isn’t tired.  So barely a 1 hour nap was taken…not enough for our growing and easily tired 2.5 year old.  But off to the party we went.

Big Sister was right into it…she has gotten much better since the 3-5.25 year old days (we like to call them the Dark Ages) where clinging to our legs and crying until she puked was the order of the day.  This time she got right out there and tried everything in the playroom.  While not exactly fearless she was willing to try new things.  I guess going to Little Gym is helping more than we even hoped.  Of course little Sister wanted no parts of this and hid both her eyes and ears from the strange people and place.  She warmed up after a few minutes and was willing to do many of the things Big Sister did.  I think it was a good afternoon overall…even if the cake did contain their weekly sugar allowance.  But what is childhood without birthday cake?

I’d say the party was a success.  There was minimal crying from any child in attendence, the birthday boy appeared to have fun even if he didn’t want to participate in the group activities.  What 2-year-old does?  The adults had a few opportunities to chat and then we were out of there before the kids got bored.  I’d say that is a great pre-school birthday party.

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3 Comments on “Birthday Parties and the Terrible Twos”

  1. nothingknew Says:

    This was posted by Megan…but I screwed up the approval…so here it is…a little bit edited. Sorry Megan.
    Ok first off, love love love that you call them Little Sister and Big Sister. AND B, my kids better love going out because I want to take them to this:

    I’ve already scheduled my future playdates there!

  2. nothingknew Says:

    BTW, Megan…I edited your comment. I think you’ll see where.

    Just a note to everyone that I am keeping this as semi-anonymous as possible, thus the usage of “wifey”, “Big Sister”, “Little Sister”, and “nothingknew”.

    No big deal. I’m just not as open about myself online as all the cool kids are. 😉

    BTW, The Wife thinks that the Cabbage Patch kid thing is cool…and it is with two ss’s.

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