Courtney Love Does The Math

Salon Article By Courtney Love

Ok, so this is how I start my personal blogging.  Come here as often as you like…there will be something almost everyday.  I look at this as a way to get thoughts out of things I find interesting and also to increase my typing speed.

Now, on the topic of the link…I only have a couple comments:

  1. Did she REALLY write this?  It seems too coherent, even taking into account editing.
  2. She doesn’t understand the technical side of the arguement but makes valid points about artists being indentured servants.

So here is my problem with the current music situation.  I like listening to music sometimes.  I listen to a lot more podcasts these days than anything else.  But overall the important thing to me is that I get to choose what I listen to and when I listen to it.  So these streaming services like pandora and just don’t work for me.  Likewise the new netflix service where you can download an equal number of hours of movies to the price you pay a month ($17.99 = 18 movies).  I just don’t see myself sitting in front of the desk/laptop watching a full-length movie…maybe as a car passenger or on a plane…but not streaming in my home.

So I am looking for entertainment I can take with me.  iTunes doesn’t allow me that freedom, unless I break the copy protection with some of the numerous options available out there…and at that point I am a ‘pirate’ [me hearties] so why did I buy the music in the first place?  We own an iPod and a couple other MP3 players so I don’t want to be tied to one device.  I am also comfortable enough with technology to move files around a computer without a pretty interface….and I am getting sick of learning a new interface everytime I want to get a new feature.

So what is the option?  For now it is buying CDs.  I can rip them for my personal use and I can rip them at the highest quality I care to (at least 192 but usually 256).  Hell John Mellencamp admited to doing the same (12k songs on the iPod) while on the Daily Show.   I do like what the BareNaked Ladies have done with their most recent album.  They sold it on their site in thenormal ways (CD, Deluxe CD, etc) but they also sold it as a USB drive.  Then you got some extras that weren’t on the CDs and the drive to use afterwards.  It was clever and I really wonder how it worked for them.  They are also selling downloads and CDs of their recent tour stops.

All in all I don’t see things changing for me in the way of music anytime soon.  But I do have more sympathy for the artists after reading what Courtney Love said.  At least she made more sense than Lars Ulrich did.

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2 Comments on “Courtney Love Does The Math”

  1. dbalad Says:

    Congrad’s on the start of the blog!

    Artist are treated are treated as modern indentured servants by the major music companies, which mean you have to be a super stand out hit to recover the initial layout and service contract with the label. I wonder how much better if any the independent labels are and to what extent if any the blending of current music in TV is having on the smaller artists as the music selection seems to favor the independents like Imogen Heap, and Frou Frou etc.

    I wish there was another method for portable music at a higher sound quality like 24/96 portable. So far I may be the last male on the planet without an MP3 player because 1) I hate Apple- I know what the hardware costs are for the machine and I am not paying a premium price to a company who consistently abuses its customers with crap service (I can’t wait to see Apple fanboys flip out when they can’t replace the battery in their iPhone and either have to but a new one or send it in for a couple of weeks) 2) I will not be locked into any DRM 3) Mp3’s are only good for portable content to my ears. Even ripped at 256 I can hear the difference over my headphones (Shure E4c’s) and can really hear the difference on my stereo so I am not inclined to spend the time to rip all my CD’s to an Mp3 (or your favorite codec here) format to save space. The downside is that I currently have around 60 or 70 CD’s in my car floating around.

  2. nothingknew Says:

    Ok, I can appreciate some of those comments…I know a couple people who say they can hear the difference. I can’t. But I have listened to several podcasts by people who should be able to tell the difference at 256 in Ogg Vorbis. Find a player that supports that format and get an audio jack for the car stereo. You’ll be fine. And, if you read my next post you can start listening to podcasts and the quality doesn’t matter as much since it is spoken words, not singing.

    As for supporting Apple, I imagine a big MS fan like yourself wouldn’t want an iPod. My favorite player is the MuVo TX. It doesn’t have the capacity of an iPod, but there are nice iRivers as well with more space. And the MuVo Tx costs a LOT less.

    Ripping CDs isn’t that big a deal. Audiograbber is a great FREE program that does the job with lots of settings. Get it, and cheap external drive, and you can rip all your CDs over a lazy Sunday. I’ve ripped our CDs twice already (I screwed up the encoding the first time and everything was mono). It isn’t that big a deal since it can be done while you are doing other stuff…it isn’t CPU intensive at all.

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